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How can I go over +24db voice chat input gain in Ripcord? I want to be a lord of Discord packing.

Faders/sliders in GUIs must have some upper limit. The higher the limit, the more the value changes each time you move the slider by 1 pixel. If the upper limit is too high, then it becomes annoying to use the slider, because moving it a tiny amount causes too much of a change.

Ripcord uses +24db gain as the upper limit. That's more than anyone would need, unless something is wrong with their audio hardware or drivers.

Internally, though, Ripcord can support pretty much any 32-bit floating point value as the multiplier (gain, or "volume") for microphone input.

I'm not going to change Ripcord's UI and make it worse for normal use just so you can get an extremely distorted voice signal and ascend to packing god Valhalla. Therefore, if you want more gain, your task is to figure out a way to mess with Ripcord so that the value in program memory goes beyond what the UI is capable of.

You can probably do this by using some simple PC video game cheat tool, like Cheat Engine, to mess with the gain value in memory. You can probably look up a tutorial on YouTube for how to do it with a single-player PC video game. The same principle will apply to messing with the gain value in Ripcord.

Who knows -- you might even learn something about computers.

Keep in mind that past a certain point, clipping your audio signal more will actually make it start sounding quieter again. At +24db, you might already be beyond that point, and you're already decreasing the perceived loudness of your audio signal.