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bf7f0e33a1 2023-12-07 2023-12-07 Bug Open Slack Cannot import client.userBoot from browser to get credentials
34581ebca3 2023-09-29 2023-09-29 Bug Open General Is Ripcord affected by the libwebp RCE vulnerability? (CVE-2023-5129/CVE-2023-4863)
8fda9bbd95 2023-05-12 2023-05-12 Feature Open General Ability to sort bookmarked channels by activity
351fce17ac 2023-04-07 2023-04-07 Bug Open General Stuck on "Routing..." for all voice channels
8619c68e0a 2023-04-02 2023-04-02 Bug Open General ROuting bug
e1c3b302cd 2023-03-28 2023-03-28 Bug Open General VC bug (Routing)
aee1941e51 2023-03-27 2023-03-27 Bug Open Discord Ripcord Stuck On Routing When On VC
a4c4b063e1 2023-03-26 2023-03-26 Bug Open Linux routing ripcord bug
eb5314cf24 2023-03-26 2023-03-26 Bug Open General routing
abdb6cfa84 2023-03-26 2023-03-26 Bug Open General Routing
bbc530b14b 2023-03-26 2023-03-26 Bug Open General Routing infinite
c23e896ab2 2023-03-26 2023-03-26 Bug Open Windows Shellby
afb0609c8d 2023-03-25 2023-03-25 Bug Open General Routing
e3c20db22c 2023-03-23 2023-03-23 Bug Open General Routing bug
2c19d0c651 2023-03-23 2023-03-23 Bug Open Discord Routing...
4944dfff1c 2023-03-21 2023-03-21 Bug Open Discord Routing...
d9b708ac0f 2023-03-21 2023-03-22 Bug Open Discord we are all suffering from (Routing...) please help
ea460117d0 2023-03-21 2023-03-21 Bug Open General Discord Voice Channel Routing
ea437eb4cb 2023-03-21 2023-03-21 Bug Open General Stuck on Routing
28ce4b0655 2023-03-21 2023-03-22 Bug Open Discord Connection issue to voice channel in Ripcord "Routing"
b637a2a865 2023-03-21 2023-03-21 Bug Open Discord "Routing..."
07fd6eef3d 2023-03-20 2023-03-20 Bug Open General Ripcord não esta conectando em alguns canais de voz.
1b0801d0d9 2023-03-06 2023-03-06 Feature Open Windows ripcord
1955fb07a1 2023-02-28 2023-02-28 Feature Open Discord Direct MSG dropdown update
62bda813b0 2023-02-28 2023-02-28 Bug Open Discord Arranging Server Orders
5e61de0e90 2023-02-14 2023-02-14 Feature Open Discord viewable voice text channels
010d4fcb05 2023-02-05 2023-02-10 Bug Open General Crash
fed8ce6094 2023-02-03 2023-02-03 Bug Open General I hear static when my friends talk on vc.
bf184bc4a2 2023-02-01 2023-02-01 Bug Open General Slow Mode
7db74a02cd 2023-01-14 2023-03-27 Bug Open Slack Slack auto-reconnection fails with re-authorize account message
4f6c35d96c 2023-01-10 2023-01-10 Bug Open Slack Slack group "@" pings do not render correctly.
1c244a5d7c 2023-01-07 2023-01-07 Feature Open Discord Allow disabling message reactions
6a6ce719e7 2023-01-07 2023-01-07 Feature Open Discord Allow only showing emoji as text.
93d7192956 2022-12-19 2022-12-19 Bug Open General It shouldn't be possible to reply/start thread to a system message (eg. "set channel description")
db6806b050 2022-11-08 2022-11-08 Bug Open Discord Voice calls will quietly fail
8725a06433 2022-10-30 2022-10-30 Feature Open General Add ability to change Appdata location
e088c593f8 2022-10-25 2023-03-20 Bug Open Discord Can't Reorder Servers
56fbdcab96 2022-10-24 2022-10-24 Bug Open General Ripcord mic input not working
9a62c22ef9 2022-10-20 2022-10-20 Feature Open General Ability to open notifications on new tab
f77ca5a3fc 2022-10-11 2022-10-11 Feature Open Discord Grey messages dont automatically get send
0fb4ac9649 2022-10-09 2022-10-09 Feature Open Discord Support fot mp4 & mp3
a0e6414b50 2022-10-04 2022-10-04 Bug Open Discord buggy voice call when there are more than 4 people
00de7678ba 2022-09-30 2022-10-04 Feature Open Discord Add number of notifications
a684e951a9 2022-09-26 2022-10-04 Feature Open Discord Ripcord - Reply Highlights
a35a650a84 2022-09-13 2022-10-04 Bug Open General Blank message stuck in channel after submitting only whitespace
c6e1f6e97a 2022-08-21 2022-08-21 Bug Open Discord Voice WebSocket disconnected with code 1000 and reason
6832a20b55 2022-08-04 2022-08-05 Feature Closed Discord Allow disabling of outgoing typing indicators
996f4d7830 2022-07-29 2022-07-29 Bug Open General Cannot See who is Online
8282801c4f 2022-07-25 2022-07-25 Feature Open General Remeber Muted Mic like the original Discord
7a73d07d20 2022-07-25 2022-07-25 Bug Open General Bot Queue not shown
5b41fa6e91 2022-07-22 2022-07-22 Feature Open Discord Preference to remove all embeds from your links
654c30d647 2022-07-19 2022-10-04 Bug Open Discord Discord not respecting configured emoji size
1441a789ba 2022-07-14 2022-10-04 Bug Open General Unplugging keyboard on X11 crashes Ripcord frequently
38a0dda8f4 2022-07-10 2022-10-04 Bug Closed Discord Ripcord connecting to same server as active Discord instance causes Discord to go to 5000 ping and/or disconnect.
a93e7656e9 2022-07-05 2022-07-05 Bug Open Discord Account stuck in "Waiting for server" in vc
8d481871b1 2022-07-01 2022-07-01 Bug Open Discord Voice Calls not working after creating one in DM's
1e94559421 2022-06-19 2022-06-19 Feature Open General Display hidden images in Ripcord
1cb0d152db 2022-06-16 2022-10-04 Bug Closed General crash on ubuntu 22.04
a7e97ad5e2 2022-06-10 2022-06-10 Bug Open General Slack: disconnects every 4 hours and forces to reauthenticate
37b2676acb 2022-06-03 2022-06-03 Feature Open Slack Add Slack Huddles support
2aafe8d0bc 2022-05-27 2022-05-27 Bug Open Linux Window focusses to foreground when clicking on notifications from another app
6064480bae 2022-05-27 2022-06-05 Feature Open General Can we put bounty on bugs/feature request?
0bc7a714ac 2022-05-21 2022-06-05 Bug Open Discord Stuck on "Waiting for server" when trying to join VCs
7384d496ac 2022-05-20 2022-06-05 Feature Open General Message logging
f90dc73ea3 2022-05-15 2022-06-05 Bug Open Slack Slack: crash with "database is locked" error
2de9b66dd1 2022-04-30 2022-06-05 Bug Closed Discord Ripcord Discord Blank Chat
60720e8c64 2022-04-07 2022-04-07 Feature Open Slack How do I change custom emojis for Slack?
c59fa49fcb 2022-03-18 2022-03-18 Bug Open Slack Glyphs like :green_square: not rendering in Slack
d0d434c2f5 2022-03-18 2022-06-05 Bug Closed Discord [DISCORD] Call and account randomly gets disconnected after a few hours of idle
2c5ae0fe28 2022-03-11 2022-03-11 Feature Open General Add "Add Bookmark" Menu to Open Tabs
6bf8691c23 2022-03-07 2022-03-07 Feature Open General Tab locking system
397d7d2f69 2022-03-07 2022-06-05 Feature Closed Discord Sort members by roles like in original app
ed1b6c84a5 2022-03-01 2022-03-01 Bug Open Discord Messages not staying read
711e4a1624 2022-02-28 2022-02-28 Bug Open General Ripcord vc disconnecting on region change
c7205762f9 2022-02-23 2022-02-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to use slash commands
e990b8df74 2022-02-15 2022-02-15 Feature Open Discord Hide all ungrouped channels
cd4c60fba0 2022-02-03 2022-02-03 Feature Open General Drag and drop links out of Ripcord
79592be02d 2022-01-30 2022-01-31 Feature Open General Possible Enhancements
c978f35a9a 2022-01-30 2022-01-31 Bug Open General Full Screen White Line
018928646b 2022-01-27 2022-01-27 Bug Open Discord Server boosts appear as blank messages
677704cfe8 2022-01-16 2022-01-16 Bug Open Mac Window does not remember position between launches
05f5326dce 2022-01-14 2022-01-14 Bug Open General Apple Silicon (arm64) Build Needed
4bb20ba9b9 2022-01-04 2022-01-05 Bug Open Slack A single long message to Slack is split into multiple Slack messages, often breaking formatting
dd2da9bcff 2021-12-27 2021-12-27 Bug Open Audio I cannot hear the user on the voice channel who is using Discord's browser version
a905e92c33 2021-12-25 2022-01-09 Feature Open General Make macOS app icon conform to design guidelines
db6beb25e7 2021-12-13 2021-12-13 Feature Open Discord shows online status next to tab title for dm tabs
b5b056e7db 2021-11-18 2021-11-18 Feature Open Discord Escape should scroll back to newest message
c3f6627265 2021-11-05 2021-11-05 Bug Open General Usernames from matterbridged platforms get stuck on single nick
a7ee94bde3 2021-10-29 2021-10-29 Bug Open Slack Disabling "Show link previews in chat" or "Show images in chat" doesn't affect Slack
cfd65bc910 2021-10-27 2021-10-28 Bug Closed Discord REGION CHANGE CAUSES VOICE CALL TO DISCONNECT
ff32a0d625 2021-10-16 2021-10-20 Feature Open Discord [Question] discord_emoji.ripdb
4dd2f46a48 2021-10-12 2021-10-12 Bug Open Discord Video feed on consumes extra internet bandwidth
1776f0ac0f 2021-10-11 2021-10-27 Bug Open Slack Slack HAR login not working
2f0166fe1a 2021-10-11 2021-11-30 Bug Open Slack 2FA slack login not working
6cd90c6920 2021-10-06 2021-10-06 Feature Open Discord Ability to hide pings / unread per server
bbb7ecc6d6 2021-10-05 2021-10-05 Feature Open Discord Aliases for Discord channel bookmarks, DM's and conversations
c69cb0bd2b 2021-09-28 2021-10-13 Feature Open General Handle animated GIFs
8e80a24bce 2021-09-27 2021-10-09 Bug Open Slack Pasted images get uploaded as binary files
59d620444e 2021-09-25 2021-09-26 Bug Closed Linux User/server avatars do not load anywhere
694453851d 2021-09-24 2021-09-25 Feature Open General Tray icon
8492cc469f 2021-09-18 2021-12-07 Bug Open Discord Unread markers stopped syncing with Discord
8f8ecd4b60 2021-09-06 2021-09-22 Bug Closed Discord Discord has started requiring password resets after using Ripcord [update: stopped]
6aa76c5beb 2021-09-05 2021-09-06 Bug Open Discord Channels With Icons Are Not Displayed
c83f4ee94a 2021-09-03 2021-09-03 Bug Open Discord ripcord doesnt let me chose my input and output device
ad9d260e64 2021-09-03 2021-09-03 Bug Open General When moved you get disconnected
1ec94941c1 2021-09-02 2021-09-07 Bug Open Slack Channel history fails to update after sleep
ba76f59607 2021-08-28 2021-08-28 Feature Open Discord Export banlist
3017223b4d 2021-08-25 2021-08-27 Feature Open Discord You gotta add joining Stages
8606f9ff4c 2021-08-25 2021-10-26 Bug Open Mac Annoying disconnect behavior - dock icon bounce
a137c0ea84 2021-08-25 2021-10-26 Feature Open Slack Allow image preview/unfurling to be removed from my message
93716c1812 2021-08-23 2021-08-23 Bug Open Slack Pasted images miss extension and are not viewable from official slack client
c9342f1b21 2021-08-21 2021-08-21 Bug Open Audio Voice chats down after 10 seconds
baa0544235 2021-08-20 2021-09-06 Bug Open Discord Discord voice region change causes voice call to disconnect
e94bae57da 2021-08-18 2021-08-18 Bug Open Discord Keep links in <triangle brackets> clickable
f7508fd1b3 2021-08-08 2021-08-09 Feature Open Discord Some sort of indicator to know if an emote is supposed to be animated or not
ab9f0f61fe 2021-08-02 2021-08-02 Feature Open Discord Change default 'online' status on login for Discord
44310793ec 2021-08-02 2021-08-02 Feature Closed Discord [Ignore/Delete This Ticket] Deafen And Mute Button
6570b3490d 2021-07-27 2021-08-15 Feature Open Windows Open video/audio files with install programs
b510d2f85d 2021-07-27 2021-07-27 Feature Open Discord Thread support in Discord
b2ffcc5d9c 2021-07-25 2021-07-28 Bug Open Mac Mac Crashing.
9b150d8904 2021-07-24 2021-08-15 Feature Open Audio Push to mute keybind?
1c71c019a5 2021-07-22 2021-07-22 Feature Open General markdown formatting (particularly for code) in the message entry box
1fccbf5b31 2021-07-22 2021-07-22 Feature Open Discord open message in browser
8192053d71 2021-07-18 2021-07-20 Bug Open Discord Nitro increased character count limit not working
a31a41bed7 2021-07-11 2021-07-11 Feature Open General Native C++ Plugin Support
e0478951c2 2021-07-03 2021-07-05 Bug Open Discord No Incoming Audio After 3 Minutes of No Outgoing Audio
ec7802ed5e 2021-07-02 2021-07-04 Bug Open Slack Formatted bot messages that include links aren't clickable (Sentry, HubSpot)
a76b00adde 2021-07-01 2021-07-05 Feature Closed Discord Discord verification trigger list and oddities
b3525bcf62 2021-06-23 2021-07-05 Bug Closed Discord No audio from others in vc.
b9aa583f5c 2021-06-19 2021-06-24 Bug Open Discord Friend Accepting Bug
10874a64a8 2021-06-19 2021-06-19 Bug Open Linux The channel switcher (ctrl+k) can only be opened once before having to re-focus the window in bspwm
fdc3297b8d 2021-06-18 2021-06-18 Bug Open Discord Time based channel mutes are not unmuted in Ripcord
b51b3f0745 2021-06-15 2021-06-16 Feature Open General Show Group chats in "Go to" menu
f378195332 2021-06-14 2021-06-15 Bug Closed Windows Buggy VirtualBox networking driver causing Ripcord to hang
f233f46ee5 2021-06-13 2021-06-15 Bug Closed Discord Certain people talking is very distorted and i cant understand them
200e0274ee 2021-06-12 2021-10-26 Feature Open Discord Allow logging into Discord-compatible clones instances (ie Fosscord instances)
79f87e63dc 2021-06-09 2021-06-09 Feature Open Discord Ability to join stages in discord
523221f428 2021-06-09 2021-06-15 Bug Open Discord Instructions to acquire Discord token are inaccessible to blind users
244420df2c 2021-06-07 2021-06-07 Feature Open General View Server Icon
191aa4828c 2021-06-05 2021-06-05 Feature Open General Customisable width for tab highlight
762c049d83 2021-06-04 2021-06-04 Bug Closed General Crash on startup
cadfc96a57 2021-06-04 2021-06-04 Feature Open General Vim like shortcuts
b23fb24bcb 2021-06-03 2021-06-03 Bug Open Discord Acount verification needed is a silent error
063ca7ee2b 2021-05-28 2021-05-30 Feature Closed Audio Add a "Mute" button
7e8c8d75ad 2021-05-28 2021-05-28 Feature Open Discord Add ability to see and react to new discord bot buttons?
4fe2a0b866 2021-05-24 2021-05-24 Feature Open General Feature request: "All DMs" View
c6a508e1da 2021-05-19 2021-05-25 Bug Fixed Discord Reply related issue
cbe433e878 2021-05-14 2021-06-07 Bug Fixed Slack Image upload started failing in Slack
f711a93d10 2021-05-08 2021-06-06 Bug Closed Discord "Subsitute Names" of Discord Users don't get saved
49b71383c4 2021-05-06 2021-05-06 Feature Open Slack [Slack] Add "Remind me about this..." feature
e0b4c2c7b2 2021-05-01 2021-05-02 Bug Closed Audio Audio from my Microphone does not come out to the other Users
1a9413f45a 2021-04-30 2021-05-03 Bug Open Discord Using Discord invitation link flags for phone verification?
543ef6c39a 2021-04-29 2021-05-24 Feature Closed Linux background transparency?
2309624228 2021-04-28 2021-10-26 Feature Closed Discord Slow-Mode Support
91f0041308 2021-04-15 2021-04-15 Feature Open Slack When switching (Slack) channel, list the channel with unread messages on top
ff4e7518b7 2021-04-15 2021-05-02 Bug Open General Viewport doesn't scroll when moving to messages above the top
3f00b86073 2021-04-11 2021-04-11 Feature Open Mac Notifications for all messages (not only mentions)
32f4149c96 2021-04-08 2021-06-03 Bug Fixed General Ripcord mangles URLs like rdar://123456789
e7754ee883 2021-04-06 2021-05-24 Feature Closed Audio Mute?
6bc6ff847b 2021-04-04 2021-04-05 Bug Closed Windows Ripcord Not opening
58e94f4581 2021-04-03 2021-04-05 Bug Closed Windows Can't open ripcord
af1ee9e8cb 2021-04-03 2021-04-04 Feature Closed Discord Deleted comments
3543d6ef9f 2021-04-02 2021-06-03 Feature Closed General Proxy and User-Agent modification support
1a0007ec35 2021-04-02 2021-04-02 Feature Open General Increase width of channel topic
58ad519c4e 2021-04-02 2021-04-02 Feature Closed Linux option to make theme follow system gtk theme colors?
c3154757fc 2021-03-28 2021-03-28 Bug Open Discord Unhandled voice opcode received: 13
e2c6d625df 2021-03-26 2021-06-03 Bug Fixed Slack Internal ticket reporting URL incorrectly parsed when clicked
c2bf158f44 2021-03-20 2021-03-21 Bug Closed Discord my own messages are disappearing
3495178177 2021-03-20 2021-06-03 Bug Fixed Discord Replying in DMs
a9594bb4f9 2021-03-16 2022-10-18 Bug Open Slack #mpdm channels are showing up for group DM
eee1b86241 2021-03-15 2021-03-15 Bug Open Discord Delay in manged emotes being removed from the client
0a1c7617cb 2021-03-13 2021-06-03 Bug Closed Linux Window focusses to foreground whenever I receive a notification
ea88ca81ff 2021-03-11 2021-03-11 Feature Open Discord group chat issues
6223c294d3 2021-03-11 2021-03-11 Feature Open General Re-order Discord Servers and Slack Accounts
642c69d57b 2021-03-09 2021-03-11 Bug Closed Discord Typing indicator shown for self on Discord
2484aff33b 2021-03-09 2021-03-11 Feature Open General Different themes for different accounts
3594ead157 2021-03-03 2021-03-03 Bug Closed Audio Certain users will robot/static when in voice call
780b65cdcd 2021-03-02 2021-03-02 Feature Open General Mark conversation unread up to a message
ba74beb0ee 2021-02-22 2021-02-22 Feature Open Slack Make colon behavior configurable
9b5adad0e3 2021-02-16 2021-02-16 Feature Closed Discord Up arrow scrolls through previous messages
b91a033ce0 2021-02-16 2021-06-03 Feature Closed Discord favoriting discord group chats
d8446ac486 2021-02-15 2021-02-15 Bug Open Windows push to talk within the game
89feb901d8 2021-02-12 2021-02-12 Bug Closed Discord Editing a message hides reactions
678bc92d42 2021-02-08 2021-02-09 Feature Open Linux Support for other architectures?
7c638dbf13 2021-02-08 2021-02-12 Feature Open General Drafts / separate entered text per channel
4a32516a86 2021-02-08 2021-02-09 Feature Open Slack Reply and Start Thread dialog feels a bit awkward
f5f514c82c 2021-02-08 2021-02-08 Feature Open Slack More convenient Slack enterprise authentication
7886b884a9 2021-02-06 2021-02-07 Feature Closed Discord Notfications
c2791ca9a9 2021-01-31 2021-02-08 Feature Open Discord Animated image hint?
fd277d60ff 2021-01-30 2021-06-03 Feature Closed Discord Mute feature for bots
96cd709c9e 2021-01-29 2021-06-09 Bug Open Slack New direct messages don't show up on the sidebar
c0a2ea2113 2021-01-25 2021-01-27 Feature Closed Discord Open list of users who reacted on a message
acaddd470e 2021-01-22 2021-02-07 Bug Open Discord Channel names with a Unicode character or emoji show a garbled mess
58ba518801 2021-01-09 2021-01-10 Bug Open Discord Double account join bug
b874dbbcaa 2021-01-09 2021-01-09 Bug Open Discord Favourite Zombies
440bf9fd79 2021-01-09 2021-01-09 Feature Open General Discord - Voice Call - Add 1 or more to existing call
72f4c637d0 2021-01-07 2021-08-10 Feature Open General Native aarch64 build for M1 Macs, Surface Pro X and other new devices?
240acf2ccb 2021-01-07 2021-01-07 Feature Open General Ability to choose specific dark and light themes
abc0865926 2021-01-06 2022-01-25 Feature Open Discord Click on reply quote to jump to (and flash) reply
8d68fbc41b 2021-01-04 2021-01-04 Feature Open Discord Rate Limit
8c0cd1b530 2021-01-04 2021-06-03 Feature Closed Discord replies dont work in dms
4caefe98ad 2020-12-31 2021-01-05 Feature Closed Windows "System" theme
438d22e657 2020-12-30 2021-01-01 Feature Open General Tox support
26b94c3afc 2020-12-21 2021-01-01 Bug Open Mac Stutter/Clicks in received audio
d9a9437ee3 2020-12-18 2020-12-19 Bug Closed Linux Ripcord GTK or QT theme from linux
36da7a555d 2020-12-16 2020-12-17 Bug Closed Mac pls fix this
bcb3e8d74a 2020-12-15 2020-12-18 Bug Closed Discord Not receiving @everyone/here mentions
581dcf334a 2020-12-15 2020-12-15 Feature Open Discord Sort by role in users list
f6f3cabf29 2020-12-09 2020-12-09 Feature Open Discord Icon indicating someone is streaming
2e22bb4182 2020-12-07 2022-04-30 Bug Open Audio Very distorted audio from some users
d93fd4043c 2020-12-06 2020-12-07 Feature Open General Spanish translation
1d760635b4 2020-12-06 2020-12-07 Bug Closed Discord Wrong bot nickname for IRC bridge
b2c9a8bd68 2020-12-05 2020-12-05 Bug Open Linux Auto scaling on HDMI monitor
41ffdcfc4f 2020-11-25 2020-11-25 Bug Open Discord Tag suggestion list is not sorted logically/selects wrong entry
dc33d746b1 2020-11-23 2020-12-05 Bug Closed Linux Ripcord insta-crashes on Kali Linux (Debian based)
f103ec5ab8 2020-11-20 2020-12-26 Feature Closed Discord Discord new quote structure
e2f60d4fb8 2020-11-18 2021-04-26 Bug Open Linux Ripcord Crashes on Linux X11 touchscreen input
16d369e0f7 2020-11-14 2021-10-27 Bug Open Mac Space Issue (Mac Big Sur)
c8dab93226 2020-11-12 2020-11-12 Feature Open Linux vertical VC bars
6891bce511 2020-11-12 2020-11-12 Feature Closed Linux Auto reconnect after vc disconnect
734b950287 2020-11-11 2020-11-12 Feature Closed General mark all DMs or server notifications as read
a96715efe8 2020-11-11 2020-11-12 Feature Closed General ripcord tab pinning
1cc3d3eaca 2020-11-02 2020-11-03 Bug Open General Constant (approx.) 40% Disk Usage
4a3ba6013a 2020-11-02 2020-11-02 Feature Closed General How to manage vc's?
157bb8fbf1 2020-10-29 2020-12-25 Bug Closed Discord Mentions panel will cause Ripcord to request the wrong "earliest post seen" from Discord
ef133160c3 2020-10-27 2020-10-28 Feature Closed Audio Play linked .mp3 instead of downloading it
8a4d7d56fd 2020-10-27 2020-10-28 Bug Closed Discord Improve Discord auto-reconnect
89bfbbcce5 2020-10-27 2020-10-28 Feature Closed General Implement "About Ripcord…" option on File manu
e48b6a1b27 2020-10-27 2021-10-16 Feature Closed Discord Implement Discord server folders
02e98a6c2e 2020-10-23 2020-10-24 Feature Open General Add unread count badge to the favorites group title when collapsed
f19e0768fd 2020-10-20 2020-10-24 Feature Open Discord Truncate custom discord statuses
a60683e18e 2020-10-09 2020-10-11 Feature Closed Discord Multiple accounts in different tabs/windows
84a2eaef9a 2020-10-09 2020-10-11 Feature Closed Discord Bot controlling
d7cb957519 2020-10-09 2020-10-09 Feature Open General Create code or text snippet
5eeb366635 2020-10-09 2020-10-11 Bug Open Slack Can't authorize using HAR file (enterprise)
3dbe23c10a 2020-10-08 2020-10-11 Bug Closed Discord Throttling for closing DM channels.
d071235429 2020-10-07 2020-10-11 Bug Closed Audio Both input and output devices are blank in the preferences tab
70ae3d4093 2020-10-07 2020-10-07 Feature Open General Show main window when Ripcord is launched twice
a00dc7908f 2020-10-04 2020-10-04 Bug Open Discord Pasting emoji in message field leads to text rendering issues
fa701da608 2020-10-02 2020-10-02 Feature Open General Filetype is not clear from preview image.
34d74e9e3d 2020-10-01 2020-10-05 Feature Closed Discord One-on-One DM voice calls
c9708374e4 2020-09-24 2020-09-24 Feature Closed Mac Remember window position on close
365f94afd1 2020-09-23 2020-09-24 Bug Open Linux `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` conflicts with Ripcord's AppImage because of `runpath`
db8336c3b3 2020-09-23 2020-09-23 Feature Open Discord Add support for discord profile badges
06373c93d8 2020-09-20 2020-09-26 Bug Closed Discord Messages by ignored accounts still increment the unread badge
0914c3f548 2020-09-17 2020-09-18 Feature Closed Discord Chronological message reactions
1da214f6d0 2020-09-17 2020-09-18 Feature Closed Discord Role-sorted online users
c7e5de699e 2020-09-15 2020-09-18 Feature Open Linux Support for alt+number tabs switching on Linux
68eb9d6872 2020-09-12 2020-09-12 Feature Open General Open mp4, webm, image etc. links using installed applications
08a8bb3a94 2020-09-10 2020-09-21 Bug Open Mac Ripcord crashes
e2ef25a3a0 2020-09-04 2020-09-04 Feature Open Discord Ability to disable/hide reactions
736797b32f 2020-09-01 2020-09-01 Bug Open Discord Disconnect if dragged by moderator
840eb0b51c 2020-08-28 2021-06-03 Bug Open General [unconfirmed] Lost accounts (decryption error) if ripcord isn't cleanly shut down
a1bf51347d 2020-08-27 2020-08-28 Bug Closed General Trying to call only works if you right-click on Sidebar and not on the other menus.
e4f76cf954 2020-08-26 2020-08-26 Feature Open General Option to allow only one tab per chat/channel/conversation.
c75d025f90 2020-08-22 2020-08-23 Bug Open Discord Sending a voice call to a contact does not also send a ringing notification to the contact
f61cc43b7a 2020-08-13 2020-08-13 Bug Open Windows Taskbar flash for DMs only disappears when focusing the last created window
61e4762860 2020-08-13 2020-08-13 Feature Closed General Add support for Rocket.Chat
51710b4e43 2020-08-11 2020-11-12 Bug Closed Discord Missing messages in Discord channels after extended idle period
d03fc1a79a 2020-08-05 2020-08-05 Feature Open General Notifications UI Permanence
75d72ad7b8 2020-08-01 2020-12-20 Bug Open Discord Opening the Pinned Message list affects the message buffer for that channel
637da8b110 2020-07-24 2020-07-26 Bug Closed Windows Ripcord opens for couple of seconds then closes
507c87d33f 2020-07-22 2020-07-22 Feature Open General Image resolution in chat is too smol
a97925ad9c 2020-07-16 2020-07-16 Bug Closed Linux (False title, edited)
4781f4c813 2020-07-14 2020-07-16 Bug Closed Linux Aborts on startup on Debian due to some OpenSSL problem
559c0ce1ae 2020-07-11 2021-07-17 Feature Open Discord Bookmarking Entire Servers.
bb52de1f04 2020-07-06 2020-07-06 Feature Closed Discord Search by role in server
adff155636 2020-07-01 2020-07-01 Feature Closed General a 32 bit version of Ripcord
479885c09d 2020-06-25 2020-06-25 Bug Open Discord Links prefixed with bangs display the embed, but are not clickable
eeb5d7e7c0 2020-06-21 2020-06-21 Feature Open General Preserve forward tab and back tab history
2ba932c7fb 2020-06-18 2020-06-21 Bug Closed Slack Slack Accounts with 2-Factor Auth unable to sign in
a78b35725c 2020-06-16 2020-06-16 Bug Open Slack Zoom Bot on Slack has special-cased UI buttons that don't show up
c07ae435d1 2020-06-16 2020-06-16 Bug Closed General Ripcord crashes on open on Surface Pro 7
a989b4d16b 2020-06-12 2020-06-12 Bug Closed Linux Chinese input method not working in linux mint
bfbc645763 2020-06-11 2020-06-11 Feature Open General Ability to see message timestamp on individual messages, rather than just message groups
c0c43fc828 2020-06-11 2020-06-11 Bug Open Discord "Ghost" unread counts
dca6392d49 2020-06-10 2020-06-10 Feature Open General Ability to rearrange sidebar categories
110d6e61f6 2020-06-09 2020-06-09 Feature Open Discord Ability to mention Discord channels in the text box (like mentioning users)
7fe2c56305 2020-06-09 2020-06-09 Bug Closed Discord Get Disconected from Voice Chat when playing games
3a786c174d 2020-06-06 2020-06-06 Bug Closed Windows wont open
eca42fded7 2020-06-06 2020-06-06 Bug Closed Discord no typing indicators
3d72afd84c 2020-06-05 2020-06-06 Feature Closed Discord Jump to pinned message from pinned message window
68eec43ec3 2020-06-05 2020-06-06 Feature Open Discord See users currently playing game / custom status
5d4c7441ce 2020-06-04 2022-05-05 Feature Open General Is Mattermost support planned?
c631cf3f6b 2020-06-01 2020-06-01 Feature Open Slack Inline previews of text-file attachments
328150ed75 2020-06-01 2020-06-02 Bug Closed General Doesnt Open
bbaf95d904 2020-05-28 2020-05-29 Bug Closed Discord can't display certain elements by bots
f94b1bd706 2020-05-28 2020-05-29 Bug Closed Discord Voice stops working after a few minutes
182f2e8416 2020-05-28 2020-06-16 Bug Closed Audio Qt audio system crashing on WASAPI initialization
8b3a8b115b 2020-05-28 2021-01-06 Feature Closed Discord Mute entire server
aee1991f15 2020-05-25 2020-05-25 Bug Closed Discord Bots informations isnt loading
aae258b480 2020-05-24 2020-05-24 Feature Open Discord [Request] Voice to to have a userlist like button.
c77d43c7fe 2020-05-23 2021-12-05 Feature Open Discord Spoiler tag for text
2ac5d65f50 2020-05-23 2020-05-23 Bug Open Discord Can't see who reacted
b8690c1947 2020-05-20 2020-05-20 Feature Closed General Discord Message Search
86d9b392e2 2020-05-19 2020-05-21 Feature Closed Discord Show roles when clicking on a person's ID in a chat
49405ce4d5 2020-05-19 2020-05-20 Bug Open General Bookmark folders' names with "&" in the title are mangled in context menus
52a8b05992 2020-05-19 2021-03-15 Feature Open Mac Add macOS text editing keyboard shortcuts
0669fd3c79 2020-05-18 2020-05-18 Bug Open Mac Arabic text is unreadable on Mac
b95a5136ba 2020-05-14 2020-05-16 Bug Closed Discord Can't re-react after unreacting to a message
4656d9ce86 2020-05-14 2020-05-15 Feature Closed Discord Embed fields
6e5f7c3378 2020-05-12 2020-05-13 Bug Open Windows Non-alphabetic characters following a character from Telugu block turn black
ebca4c3c4c 2020-05-10 2020-06-16 Bug Open Discord No error when failing to leave guild owned by oneself
a364de94b5 2020-05-08 2020-05-23 Feature Closed Discord migrate to the api domain
71f8ccfa7b 2020-05-07 2020-05-07 Feature Closed General More builds or source code release
e19edd38cc 2020-05-04 2020-05-06 Bug Closed Linux Random Voice Call disconnection/empty/kick.
254f38598a 2020-05-03 2020-05-03 Feature Open General Reposition Sidebar to North
50358b61c1 2020-05-02 2020-05-04 Feature Closed Discord Software to remember closed channel categories (QoL)
b0bc78be3c 2020-05-02 2020-05-23 Bug Closed General Slack username & password sign-in method won't validate
70da6417b8 2020-04-29 2020-06-13 Bug Open Discord silent failure/disconnect of discord calls
f6c6825871 2020-04-28 2020-06-16 Bug Closed Discord Ghost DM item remains in server list when switching between multiple Discord accounts
cb4767e128 2020-04-27 2020-04-28 Bug Closed Slack Annoying mailto conversion on links in code blocks
cb438b9f77 2020-04-25 2020-04-25 Feature Closed Discord Input gain
11ddfb1536 2020-04-24 2020-05-22 Bug Closed Linux ripcord: symbol lookup error: undefined symbol
e6b9f2e9e4 2020-04-21 2020-04-21 Feature Open General hide notification count in dock icon
cf33b3b205 2020-04-21 2020-04-21 Feature Open General Option to open chat in new window instead of new tab
27c323750a 2020-04-20 2021-02-16 Bug Open Windows User / server details show up at wrong position on mixed-DPI setup
10e8151311 2020-04-18 2020-04-20 Feature Open Discord Export Discord chat history
502a7faa66 2020-04-09 2020-04-20 Feature Closed Discord open file using xdg-open or the equivalent windows api instead of the browser
809850db89 2020-04-05 2020-04-06 Bug Closed Discord Connection issue (continued)
2079f55504 2020-04-04 2020-04-04 Bug Closed Discord Possible connection issue
0f72fa178b 2020-03-30 2020-03-31 Feature Closed Discord Muting other people in voice calls
58b03b297d 2020-03-28 2020-03-29 Feature Open Discord Mute group chats
8d2d303d17 2020-03-28 2020-03-28 Feature Closed Audio re special request
4a386efa20 2020-03-27 2020-03-27 Feature Closed Audio Special Request
a60cedc90a 2020-03-22 2020-03-22 Feature Closed Discord Support live video streams
36a2afef82 2020-03-21 2020-03-22 Bug Closed Discord Push to talk doesn't work when holding shift
75f33112b9 2020-03-20 2020-03-20 Bug Open Discord Newly created Discord DMs don't open on first attempt
4ab7665e77 2020-03-19 2020-03-20 Feature Closed Discord ctrl+G should not take over current tab
4b5905b540 2020-03-19 2020-03-20 Bug Closed Discord Opening new DM sessions is confusing in some cases
2018daf5cd 2020-03-18 2020-03-18 Bug Closed Linux Dosen't open
a3794f41ae 2020-03-17 2020-03-18 Bug Open Mac macOS: Dock icon should bounce only once when receiving notifications
ea17f6f884 2020-03-16 2020-03-17 Feature Closed General More color contrast on the chat list
bcc2af01e5 2020-03-16 2020-03-17 Feature Closed Discord Allow bot login
f8401a1a19 2020-03-14 2020-03-14 Feature Closed General Customize emoji suggestions
c1284f4537 2020-03-14 2020-03-14 Bug Open General Bug: Link previews can be extremely long on Slack
40f2be4caa 2020-03-13 2020-03-13 Bug Closed Mac Mac cannot open RipCord 0.4.23
3af34ae9c2 2020-03-13 2020-03-14 Feature Closed Discord Add the option to change your profile picture and name.
689b9254ba 2020-03-12 2020-03-13 Feature Closed Discord Option for open already running Ripcord (QoL - Very Low Priority)
6a935e163d 2020-03-11 2020-09-05 Bug Open Discord Room List hard to parse, doesn't follow typical tree structure
6194b8b5a8 2020-03-08 2020-03-08 Bug Closed Discord Cannot connect any accounts to ripcord
0e8441406e 2020-03-07 2020-03-08 Bug Closed Discord Deleted messages
c6e58bec9d 2020-03-07 2020-03-08 Feature Closed Discord Remember Online Status Between Restarts
de8c779161 2020-03-07 2020-03-07 Feature Closed General push to talk on mouse
ebb34f3b70 2020-03-06 2020-03-08 Feature Open Discord Message Quoting
603dfcb7a0 2020-03-02 2020-03-03 Bug Closed Discord Ripcord wont connect after putting in token
8111ce3c09 2020-02-28 2020-02-29 Bug Closed Discord Creating Discord Account
1eb9aa9603 2020-02-25 2020-03-19 Bug Open Slack Reaction popups stay on top
4f0c290fa4 2020-02-25 2020-03-03 Bug Closed Windows Can't use mouse buttons as hoykeys
1e1d54f3aa 2020-02-25 2020-02-25 Bug Open General Unsubscribe button at bottom of emails
63a11da3ae 2020-02-24 2020-03-14 Bug Closed Discord Muting channels issue
cc11a14478 2020-02-24 2020-02-25 Feature Open Slack Support for Slack channel links inside Ripcord
710fc109d3 2020-02-18 2020-03-23 Bug Closed Discord 'playing ____ ' erases the test as soon as you click on the setting again
645166270c 2020-02-17 2020-02-18 Feature Closed Windows Installer/Uninstaler
976dcf8f36 2020-02-15 2020-02-15 Feature Closed Discord Server Owner transfer capability
740205a0c9 2020-02-14 2020-02-18 Bug Closed Discord Discord user information not loading
a057dfa119 2020-02-12 2020-02-12 Bug Open Mac Expanding window to full screen in macOS with multiple window layout does not work as expected
9eeb0a6475 2020-02-10 2020-03-03 Bug Closed Windows Ripcord keeps closing
5b61a6ef96 2020-02-09 2020-02-10 Bug Closed Linux Crash on launch
c5c58f5f1d 2020-02-05 2020-02-06 Bug Closed Windows "it keeps closing"
90d5648d65 2020-02-03 2020-02-16 Bug Closed Discord Channel topic text past the first newline does not get displayed
b6401a7666 2020-02-03 2020-02-10 Bug Open General reauthenticating to an autoconnecting account does not automatically reconnect
89b7665957 2020-01-31 2020-02-03 Feature Open Slack Returning from threads or viewing search results should scroll to the corresponding position in channel history
dd19667477 2020-01-27 2020-02-10 Bug Closed Discord Embeds fail to display properly on certain types.
53a4ed2aa4 2020-01-23 2020-01-25 Feature Closed Discord Ability to log in via a Discord bot account (or at least provide a GUI way)
9875242cfd 2020-01-22 2022-11-16 Bug Closed Windows Audio Input Devices combobox list no devices
e8fbbd698d 2020-01-20 2020-01-25 Bug Closed General The "Start Thread" dialog doesn't provide emoji completion
8c3cae8ee6 2020-01-20 2020-01-25 Feature Open General Allow selection and copy of multiple messages
1ca096d4f4 2020-01-19 2020-01-19 Feature Open General Add x86 build
79ca52e6af 2020-01-11 2020-06-16 Feature Closed Linux Bring tray instance back up when run again
9cf8e9ebfd 2020-01-08 2020-01-08 Bug Open Mac Menubar item => Open chat windows doesn't work
43657e2371 2020-01-08 2020-01-08 Feature Open Mac Mac app doesn't remember windows size on startup
296e9d6a38 2020-01-04 2020-01-04 Feature Open Discord Right-click on user in voice channel should give the same dialog in a chat channel
fd2d665996 2020-01-03 2020-01-04 Feature Closed Discord The ability to copy role ID
82e325ec18 2020-01-02 2020-01-15 Bug Open Slack Ripcord does not find @-handles of user groups
6f961c77a1 2020-01-02 2020-05-23 Bug Closed Discord Can't remotely join server if the invite code is shorter than three characters
4d0476a2a4 2020-01-01 2020-01-03 Feature Closed Discord Cleverbot api
aab7020368 2019-12-30 2020-03-03 Feature Closed Discord Bot Tags
b6108798aa 2019-12-29 2019-12-29 Bug Open Discord Cannot upload new emoji even if upper limit is raised by boosting
e6b73a8c26 2019-12-25 2019-12-25 Feature Closed Discord Add user list organization features
eeb2f6b697 2019-12-25 2019-12-25 Feature Closed General Add option to disable Bookmarks/Discord/Slack category options
1b77d7b8dd 2019-12-24 2019-12-24 Bug Closed Discord audio bug on certain server
f50d806a5f 2019-12-21 2021-06-01 Feature Fixed Discord Add option of rewriting discord CDN links to their Media domain
d723607ccc 2019-12-21 2019-12-22 Bug Closed Discord Code Block displayed as a syntax key when it's not valid
9aef4dd5b8 2019-12-16 2019-12-16 Feature Open General Close multiple tabs without moving the mouse cursor
6631ec5a0d 2019-12-16 2019-12-16 Feature Closed Discord Add bookmarking for group chats
51b36e45c6 2019-12-16 2019-12-16 Feature Closed Discord Connected Discord accounts should auto-disconnect if another account is selected
36d9f6d8f5 2019-12-15 2021-03-30 Feature Open General Ability to open specific filetypes with specific programs, customizable
9b1c4c1e56 2019-12-14 2019-12-16 Bug Closed Discord Setting volume to -36DB doesn't actually mute
be664b3528 2019-12-13 2019-12-24 Bug Open Slack Certain emoji somehow causes rendering quirks
a127f62a9c 2019-12-11 2019-12-13 Bug Open Windows Clicking on notification does not always open the relevant channel
bc7d3c46a9 2019-12-11 2020-01-12 Feature Open Slack Slack posts support
5adce4860c 2019-12-07 2019-12-22 Bug Closed General Servers and calls are not coming up [ed: what is this ticket?]
987592d73c 2019-12-05 2020-01-02 Bug Open Slack Backtick escaped inline code blocks not recognized after opening brackets
55c0a80a2c 2019-11-28 2020-03-03 Bug Closed Slack Links in inline-codeblocks display incorrectly
0fc787e3df 2019-11-28 2019-11-28 Feature Open General Add support for customizing the datetime format
ca9c82a64a 2019-11-28 2019-11-28 Bug Open Slack No content for announcement channels when using link from notification
64731aa2fe 2019-11-28 2019-11-28 Feature Open General Autoclear notifications for read channels
0567e1b8a8 2019-11-27 2019-11-27 Feature Open Slack Emojis in bot block kit links
060b93c485 2019-11-25 2019-11-25 Feature Open General Higher contrast between active and inactive tabs
7571cb56ad 2019-11-22 2019-11-25 Bug Closed General Minor typo: "seletion"
7d5ba1f899 2019-11-22 2019-12-04 Feature Closed General Support alt+enter for inserting a new line
71564a46db 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Bug Open General Baseline of backtick text is incorrect on Slack
3961ab7c33 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Bug Open Slack Navigating to a thread resets scroll position
8a6084ca3c 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Feature Open General Keyboard shortcut - Add confirmation for Emoji picker
068303a103 2019-11-21 2020-06-01 Bug Closed Windows Chat font size style not applied on startup
4f137ee6e6 2019-11-21 2020-03-17 Bug Open Slack Cannot click on Zoom app buttons
de41e495e0 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Feature Open Slack Shortcut to jump to the next unread
c539942613 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Feature Open Slack Ignored channels shouldn't show unread count
53e726167c 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Feature Open General Show only unread channells/people
ff9bff21c8 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Bug Closed Slack Slack - Bot Messages with URL in title are not clickable
ec77157e9c 2019-11-21 2019-11-21 Bug Open Slack Slack - Bot Messages with URL in title are not clickable
7aaa795237 2019-11-19 2019-11-19 Feature Open Slack Indent 'Channels' & 'Direct Messages' in sidebar (for Slack)
6ed2d82923 2019-11-19 2019-11-29 Bug Open Discord No spacing between image links and image link previews
02c2141293 2019-11-18 2019-11-18 Bug Closed Discord Server icon not updating
6c53219891 2019-11-18 2019-11-18 Feature Closed General Add embedding for youtube videos/discord gifs and videos
32c78f62b5 2019-11-15 2019-11-15 Feature Closed Discord Show video file type in top right
8e7113edf9 2019-11-13 2019-11-13 Feature Open General indefinitely long-lasting visual notifications
042b2dfbf1 2019-11-12 2019-11-13 Feature Open General More keyboard shortcuts & help for same
9db73c23f7 2019-11-10 2019-11-13 Feature Open Slack make /join and /part work with Slack
06ac9bd7d0 2019-11-08 2020-01-07 Feature Closed Slack Don't auto link URLS in preformatted text
2fca1c5cda 2019-11-07 2019-11-08 Feature Open Slack "Show when users are typing" for Slack
12966fc076 2019-11-07 2019-12-13 Feature Open Linux Use native [ed: FreeDesktop spec] notification system on Linux
dac950999e 2019-11-07 2019-11-10 Feature Open General Allow different color schemes for different accounts' windows
6f4c251069 2019-11-07 2019-11-07 Bug Open Slack Slack: custom emojis with non-ASCII names aren't displayed
1d717512c4 2019-11-07 2019-11-10 Feature Open General URL Grabber/Collector
f3ff06f2e2 2019-11-07 2019-11-07 Feature Open General When writing chat messages, is there no spellcheck?
dc1af93c8b 2019-11-04 2019-11-05 Bug Closed Discord Misidentified users in channels using the go-discord-irc bridge
6080fe2c55 2019-11-01 2019-11-02 Bug Open Discord "Open in Web Browser" shows PNG even if an emote is a GIF
f169211b0a 2019-10-29 2019-10-29 Bug Open Windows Push to talk not working (with certain keys)
d4e45c33d6 2019-10-28 2019-11-17 Feature Deferred Linux Allow a keybind for instant refresh/reconnect
6b502cf5fd 2019-10-28 2019-10-28 Bug Open General Wide image upload
a13d61583f 2019-10-28 2019-11-17 Feature Closed Discord In member list, show only users with access to text channel (option)
781d0ea8cd 2019-10-28 2019-11-21 Bug Closed General Unread message indicator appears in other tabs when rearranging
b3f7cef934 2019-10-27 2019-10-29 Bug Open Discord .jfif uploaded when pasting .jpeg from websites
80c4a11642 2019-10-26 2019-10-26 Feature Open Discord Ability to set status in Discord
30bbf2e509 2019-10-21 2021-08-02 Feature Open Discord Allow scaling of reactions
f882c63529 2019-10-20 2020-02-18 Feature Closed Linux add snap package for linux
e9c2086fc0 2019-10-20 2020-02-18 Bug Closed Discord only a few members appear in larger servers
9d0f5ccde2 2019-10-15 2019-10-17 Feature Closed General Emoji picker shouldn't automatically close
46a2c1616b 2019-10-15 2020-06-16 Feature Closed General Add Alt+numer keyboard shortcut to switch between tabs
7abd65ebed 2019-10-14 2020-06-16 Feature Closed General Standalone Channel Browser
7cc46daff8 2019-10-14 2019-11-05 Feature Open General Collapsable Tab Bar / Show on Hover
57cf075094 2019-10-08 2019-10-10 Bug Open Linux Scrolling overflow
aad9b4c3ab 2019-10-07 2019-10-08 Feature Open Discord Add option to define Ripcord User-Agent
5b5a7373d5 2019-10-05 2019-10-06 Feature Closed Discord Being able to deaf urself in voice channels
9532b6560e 2019-10-03 2019-10-06 Bug Closed Discord "Show when users are typing" possible bug
c72bff997b 2019-09-30 2019-09-30 Feature Closed General Favorite Voice Channels
d9442a2a88 2019-09-26 2019-09-26 Feature Open General Custom notifications
ef0dbb91b9 2019-09-25 2021-09-23 Feature Open General Copy Slack message link to clipboard
79985a96be 2019-09-24 2019-09-25 Feature Closed General Improve auto-reconnect
55650d3398 2019-09-24 2019-09-26 Feature Open Slack Search by both display name and real name
90fce43f47 2019-09-19 2019-09-20 Feature Closed General Ability to have certain tabs pinned
e783a5d2f4 2019-09-19 2019-09-20 Bug Closed General Restore tabs from previous session only works for one window
a76144338e 2019-09-19 2019-09-20 Feature Open Discord Ability to click on mentioned users name to mention them as well or view profile
8980b3989b 2019-09-19 2019-09-20 Bug Closed Discord [DISCORD] Users without a nickname on a server do not have role colors
a2f58c8b56 2019-09-19 2019-09-21 Feature Closed General Allow commenting on requests?
de60fe1768 2019-09-19 2019-09-23 Bug Open Slack Slack "Mark All As Read" doesn't work
a3d4e8d3c0 2019-09-19 2019-09-21 Bug Closed General Regular freeze-ups
8cb741c762 2019-09-19 2019-09-21 Bug Closed Discord Please add auto-reconnect
6b88f9ce47 2019-09-18 2020-10-21 Feature Open General Microsoft Teams
9bc1854ee6 2019-09-18 2019-09-19 Feature Closed General Emoji picker should not override classic emoticons
9144bcc7e1 2019-09-17 2020-06-10 Feature Closed General allow reordering of channels in a server
0c6647f8fc 2019-09-17 2019-09-19 Bug Closed Slack Slack threads manual mark as read not working
9f6c77dbb1 2019-09-17 2019-09-17 Bug Closed Discord Discord announcement channels not recognized
e363bf3835 2019-09-16 2019-09-26 Feature Open Discord More robust link detection
6fff5ad19d 2019-09-15 2019-09-16 Feature Closed General Muting channels
ab49746c41 2019-09-15 2019-09-18 Feature Open General Custom line height font settings
47af3b39f6 2019-09-14 2019-09-17 Feature Closed Slack Jump to thread's original channel
ba3f6040df 2019-09-12 2019-11-15 Feature Open Discord File Name and Type in Discord
5aa74bf6d9 2019-09-08 2019-09-08 Feature Open General Custom color for hyperlinks through custom_theme.json
eae023902f 2019-09-08 2019-10-02 Bug Open Discord Discord DMs´positions doesn´t update correctly (in GUI)
3ee9631178 2019-09-06 2019-12-25 Feature Open General Add option in preferences to hide/disable bookmarks section
e0ba38ca40 2019-09-06 2019-09-06 Feature Closed Discord Add buttons or context menus in voice call window to mute other people and for deafening yourself
786a7c881b 2019-09-06 2019-09-06 Bug Closed General Contextual menus don't appear on secondary monitor in Manjaro Linux (XFCE)
5d6108fd83 2019-09-05 2020-05-19 Bug Open Mac Special character support on MacOS
ce6b14b23a 2019-09-04 2019-09-04 Feature Open   i686 Windows Build request
49cf73f6f3 2019-09-04 2019-09-04 Feature Open Discord username custom color
b431261394 2019-09-04 2019-09-09 Bug Closed General tabs do not restore
007e350d19 2019-09-04 2019-09-04 Feature Open General Toggle checkbox for Ignored Users list
be72214643 2019-09-04 2019-09-14 Feature Closed General Filter box for Ignored Users
28d8efd4de 2019-09-03 2019-09-03 Bug Closed General Cannot highlight partial code snippet
deec415df4 2019-09-03 2019-09-03 Bug Closed Slack Links are surrounded by < > when inlined as code snippets
1b9f1bbde1 2019-09-02 2019-09-02 Bug Open Discord Cmd+C doesn't work for bot messages from Discord
e65ca0d324 2019-09-01 2019-09-05 Bug Closed General When clicking links which goes to a discord message it opens the browser instead of showing it in chat
80453dde91 2019-09-01 2020-01-02 Feature Closed General Show @ of people to tag them easily
e95d1b54c5 2019-09-01 2019-09-01 Feature Closed General Show curved/bold/curved bold text on chat
43eb4afe3a 2019-09-01 2019-09-01 Feature Open General Minimum tab width & overflow menu
1850de859f 2019-08-30 2019-09-01 Bug Closed General Extreme color-fringing using v-rgb or v-brg
494dc30240 2019-08-30 2020-02-18 Bug Closed General Images failing to load
b64709c88c 2019-08-29 2019-09-01 Feature Closed General Discord main menu items (friends, mentions, etc.) should be in context menu
9d385bf518 2019-08-24 2019-09-14 Bug Closed Windows Windows Credentials Error
4437ab6c8f 2019-08-22 2019-08-22 Feature Open General Ability to increase/decrease spacing between sidebar items
1e2fe30f5d 2019-08-21 2019-08-21 Bug Closed General no images
91f6042c8e 2019-08-21 2019-09-22 Feature Open General configurable keybindings / shortcuts
00170f4808 2019-08-20 2019-08-22 Bug Closed Slack @'ing a user in Slack while uploading a file doesn't result in a user tag
28cf3a495e 2019-08-19 2019-11-05 Feature Open General Discord DM different color background for each person
1363d43afa 2019-08-19 2019-08-19 Feature Closed General True Blocking feature
1529bf6702 2019-08-19 2019-08-19 Feature Closed General Keybind support for moving up/down server/channels
dabf2da75c 2019-08-19 2019-08-19 Feature Closed General Ctrl Enter in Edit Message screen to accept changes
c7858daed6 2019-08-16 2019-08-17 Bug Closed Discord Cannot mention roles with leading @ in name
5acf1fd6db 2019-08-14 2019-08-14 Feature Closed Discord Status icons for Discord are hard to distinguish for colorblind people
bc08456246 2019-08-14 2021-06-10 Bug Open Discord Discord bot per-message forged identities are not displayed
5bfadd7320 2019-08-13 2019-11-28 Bug Open Slack Slack button / dropdown support not working
bc1b371879 2019-08-13 2019-09-14 Feature Fixed Slack Slack thread unread count bubble
9568b1a222 2019-08-12 2019-08-12 Feature Open   sound for toggle mic on/off
6b901581b8 2019-08-09 2019-08-10 Feature Closed General Improved keyboard navigation
99ddebbb91 2019-08-08 2019-09-01 Feature Closed General Focusing a tab should focus the channel in the sidebar
ec849a0d81 2019-08-08 2019-08-08 Feature Open Slack Limit very long bot messages
1bb2d2f5e8 2019-08-06 2019-08-07 Bug Open Discord Discord bot Bulk Deleted Messages aren't Deleted
99133af259 2019-08-06 2019-09-05 Feature Open Slack Option to always expand thread messages in channel
500563e312 2019-08-05 2019-08-08 Feature Closed Slack Add 'leave channel' option to channel context menu
22f1e95655 2019-08-04 2019-08-07 Feature Closed General Slack SSO Login via Importing HAR file not working
0e8d096a18 2019-08-01 2019-09-17 Feature Closed Slack Expose list of users who reacted
2364382840 2019-07-30 2019-07-31 Bug Closed Discord Number of emoji reactions don't get decremented when reactions get selectively removed by the moderator
e1014edc7d 2019-07-30 2019-07-31 Feature Open Slack +:emoji: shortcut for reactions
44aff8d2f3 2019-07-30 2019-08-22 Feature Closed Slack Implement Slack bot "Blocks"/"Block kit" UIs
fedf515ab8 2019-07-29 2019-07-30 Feature Closed Discord Display language syntax as part of code blocks
11dcd12cb5 2019-07-29 2019-08-16 Bug Open Slack Certain Slack bot embeds do not have all fields clickable
7e2fbec7fe 2019-07-26 2019-07-30 Feature Closed Slack Quick jump / Go to / Command/Control + K should jump to any valid channel or user in Slack
b214178a48 2019-07-25 2019-07-25 Feature Open Slack Permit unique per user name colors
bd5b74a1c3 2019-07-25 2019-07-26 Feature Closed General Animate GIFs
b36e13636d 2019-07-25 2019-11-08 Feature Open General Add preference to not show unread message count for selected item when window is not focused
cb47b1d35c 2019-07-25 2019-07-25 Bug Closed Slack Unable to jump to thread if notified inside thread from notifications tab
8f274d80f4 2019-07-23 2019-07-23 Feature Open Discord Clickable hyperlink for URL wrapped in <>
0e09feda6c 2019-07-20 2019-07-20 Feature Closed Discord Interface Mode
7a06c6faeb 2019-07-20 2019-07-26 Feature Closed Discord Tab Mode
529ee35538 2019-07-20 2019-07-20 Feature Closed Discord Message Encryption
90d269d745 2019-07-18 2019-07-18 Feature Open General Notification sounds
498226ae56 2019-07-18 2019-07-18 Bug Closed Discord User roles missing
cc4c71aa54 2019-07-18 2019-07-18 Feature Deferred Discord Receive a notification when a role you belong to is @mentioned
2e919f43f4 2019-07-16 2019-07-18 Bug Open Mac Weird stuff happens with some dialogs when using native fullscreen on Mac
ecc067149d 2019-07-16 2022-02-18 Feature Open Linux Wayland support
0c2917126a 2019-07-16 2019-07-16 Feature Open Discord Make steam lobby links clickable
1e959d15b3 2019-07-15 2019-07-15 Bug Open Discord Switching user still shows old user DMs button
41678ad7f4 2019-07-12 2019-08-14 Bug Open Discord Discord guild/server icons do not change automatically
61d8a4307c 2019-07-12 2019-07-12 Feature Open General option to hide scrollbar(s)
56132f8901 2019-07-12 2019-07-12 Feature Closed General option to hide menubar
8b2f359d9f 2019-07-12 2020-06-01 Bug Closed General Accounts tab always opens on start up
8c6b205df0 2019-07-08 2019-07-08 Feature Closed Linux Use libnotify for notifications on Linux
eb78e1e3ac 2019-07-06 2019-07-07 Feature Closed Discord Can't post in Discord "Rate Limited" Channels
b77a27bc43 2019-07-05 2019-07-10 Bug Closed General Graphical glitch when scrolling in a message (in the text input box) being edited
468a0b90fb 2019-07-03 2019-07-03 Feature Closed Discord Remember deleted messages
eeadd7d6fe 2019-07-03 2019-08-01 Bug Open Mac Going into clamshell mode on Macbook and returning mac causes graphics bug
e052f3725a 2019-07-03 2022-02-03 Feature Open Slack Display all unread messages
6702b291e9 2019-07-03 2019-07-10 Bug Closed Slack Channel does not appear on "Channels" also unable to join it
f3303132e3 2019-07-01 2019-07-01 Feature Closed General Fcitx Input Support
cc661468e8 2019-06-29 2019-06-29 Bug Closed General Text from bot not displayed properly in Discord
c8c9b0a7dd 2019-06-27 2019-07-04 Feature Open General Allow suppressing update notification for a specific version
0c2328fb4f 2019-06-26 2021-06-07 Feature Open General Add right-click "Save as..." and "Save in Downloads" options for images, videos and other files
4ecdaab4c0 2019-06-22 2019-06-22 Bug Closed Discord [Discord] - Status is not remembered
dc39c07357 2019-06-20 2019-06-21 Bug Closed Slack No ping function on slack
aa4ccee4f7 2019-06-20 2019-06-20 Bug Closed Discord Any mention (channel, user or role) in Rich Embed is not displays as mention
15908eac11 2019-06-20 2019-06-20 Feature Closed Discord Full rich embeds support
2074873526 2019-06-20 2019-06-20 Feature Closed Audio Mute all audio ability
3a20a9c8dd 2019-06-20 2019-06-20 Feature Open Audio Test audio from microphone in Preferences/Audio&Voice tab
ef27f21eaf 2019-06-18 2021-06-11 Feature Open General Split Windows
a4ed3f3347 2019-06-16 2019-06-17 Feature Open General Pin Window On Top
c32f86d43d 2019-06-16 2019-06-17 Feature Open Windows Discriminate between numpad and numeric row for voice channel hotkeys
ca5172b2f6 2019-06-10 2019-06-20 Feature Closed General Jump-list popup to quickly access servers and channels. (CTRL-T in Discord) [Keyboard Navigation]
75220d92e2 2019-06-07 2019-06-09 Feature Open Discord Support spoiler images
b3e3b7bd0b 2019-06-05 2019-06-06 Bug Open Windows Submenus and User info appearing on the wrong monitor
796074393a 2019-06-05 2019-07-04 Bug Closed Discord Crash on switching users
030f26ced9 2019-06-04 2019-06-04 Bug Closed Linux Ripcord closes instant
fa1f068a7e 2019-06-04 2019-07-04 Bug Closed Windows Text does not change when monitors which different resolution is connected
e2b71c9d53 2019-06-01 2019-06-05 Feature Closed General Teamspeak-style 3D audio
20abda9f20 2019-05-31 2019-06-17 Feature Open Windows Push-To-Talk Mouse Binds
cd86e536ab 2019-05-28 2019-06-17 Feature Open Slack Handle slack:// urls
a5dcd523fe 2019-05-27 2019-06-21 Feature Closed Slack Display Slack channels topic
4bcd0024dc 2019-05-25 2019-06-19 Bug Open General Various unicode characters cause URL underlining cease partway
ac527024ac 2019-05-23 2019-06-05 Bug Closed Discord Restoring status after connection loss
faeb18fd14 2019-05-20 2019-06-05 Feature Closed Discord Server admin mute and un-mute user.
29ed094fd6 2019-05-18 2019-07-04 Feature Open Slack View all Slack mentions
8628b1f294 2019-05-18 2019-10-07 Bug Open Discord Jumping to a channel from a notification does not scroll to the specific message
0021ec1904 2019-05-18 2019-05-18 Bug Open Discord Not handling image upload to channel without permission to do so.
6fdaa57089 2019-05-09 2019-07-04 Feature Closed General Select opened chat
68c02db291 2019-05-08 2019-06-17 Bug Open General Channel-specific notifications
4dbbe86ba7 2019-05-07 2019-05-07 Bug Closed General Notifications broken in 0.4.3 again
c6b0d8ede7 2019-05-07 2019-06-19 Feature Closed Slack Open up a new Slack conversation by searching for user not in channel
8aaaeafcd9 2019-05-06 2019-06-19 Bug Closed Linux Unable to use any pulldown Menu
f950214c65 2019-05-05 2019-05-07 Feature Open General Save and restore multiple windows
3734a3b025 2019-05-05 2019-05-07 Feature Closed General Wiki: List of key bindings available
353112f9d9 2019-05-05 2019-05-07 Feature Deferred Slack Screen share
97f5f8290d 2019-05-04 2019-05-05 Feature Closed General El Capitan (10.11) Support
7576c7f623 2019-05-03 2019-09-04 Feature Closed General Ability to rip tabs into stand-alone conversation windows
b578f278e2 2019-05-03 2019-11-21 Feature Open General General - Order Go to... (quick find menus) results by recency
0acc107489 2019-05-03 2019-05-03 Feature Open   Favorites Labeling
072eb910f7 2019-05-02 2020-06-21 Bug Closed Slack Duplicate notifications within enterprise grid
c4b2a5763f 2019-05-02 2019-07-04 Bug Closed Slack Use real_name instead of display_name in Slack
e3cb736097 2019-05-02 2019-07-04 Bug Closed Slack Some Slack user names not being populated
54e3d9fef2 2019-05-02 2019-07-04 Bug Deferred General Notifications not working on Linux (under a specific desktop configuration)
d3e224fa8e 2019-05-01 2019-05-03 Feature Open General Keyboard Shortcut - Add react emoji's to the latest message.
9adf7ed8ed 2019-05-01 2019-05-02 Feature Open General Keyboard Shortcut - Dismiss all notifications
277246de07 2019-05-01 2020-07-06 Feature Closed General Brighter and/or adjustable color timestamps
bb3b203fbf 2019-05-01 2019-05-02 Feature Open Slack Slack - Add the ability to open the slack web ui when right clicking on a message
bf7d094eb8 2019-05-01 2019-07-30 Feature Closed Slack Slack - Open thread when clicking on thread notification
e4137cda39 2019-04-26 2019-10-28 Feature Closed General TAKE MY MONEY
3953771209 2019-04-26 2020-06-09 Bug Open Discord If there are multiple usable emotes with the same name, only the last one can be used
612fb870ff 2019-04-26 2019-06-19 Feature Open Discord Support removing other users' emoji reactions
42b8c1c70d 2019-04-26 2019-04-26 Feature Open Discord Support for server/channel/message links
bfee80004b 2019-04-25 2019-04-25 Feature Closed Discord Keep deleted messages (advanced feature)
84965c7ee6 2019-04-24 2019-04-25 Feature Open Discord Allow autofilling a mention from someone's nickname
5224d916ad 2019-04-24 2019-05-02 Feature Closed General Allow hiding user joins
d591fcfe80 2019-04-24 2020-03-17 Feature Open Discord implement a line indicating where new messages have started
77438a839e 2019-04-24 2019-04-30 Bug Open Discord Terminating the Ripcord process while in a voice channel leaves a ghost
a51706d549 2019-04-23 2021-05-30 Feature Open General Discord Online Indicator Accessibility.
66f7384e9e 2019-04-21 2019-04-21 Feature Open General Allow starting ripcord minimized
ca19409e97 2019-04-19 2019-04-20 Bug Deferred General Qt causes crash when audio device is disconnected while in use
2bce9936cd 2019-04-18 2019-04-26 Feature Open General Minimize voice chat to tray
89dcb5e36b 2019-04-16 2021-03-12 Feature Open General Be able to view full size images inside ripcord
c320d8378b 2019-04-13 2021-06-11 Feature Open General Pinning tabs/Permanent tabs
bfdeedea9e 2019-04-12 2019-04-12 Feature Closed General Press 'delete' key to delete message
e18ebb2531 2019-04-11 2019-11-29 Feature Closed Discord Support spoiler redaction
86dac80ccc 2019-04-11 2019-04-12 Feature Open Slack Shortcut to close conversations
d2e4b9bd95 2019-04-11 2019-06-19 Bug Closed Slack Code blocks, text with backticks, do not appear
f092e8c5dc 2019-04-11 2019-04-20 Bug Closed Slack Flash taskbar for notifications does not work with slack
a35943289c 2019-04-11 2019-04-20 Feature Closed General Add notion:// to url scheme whitelist
ebb6b5a7b5 2019-04-11 2019-04-11 Feature Closed General Remember the folding status of sidebar
066ac181d6 2019-04-10 2019-04-13 Feature Open Slack Add ability to set status in slack
23c489e427 2019-04-10 2019-07-26 Feature Open Slack Ability to start a new group DM with multiple people
2b38b7bbbb 2019-04-10 2019-04-10 Feature Open Slack Alphabetize direct message users
cb33cab120 2019-04-10 2019-04-10 Bug Closed Discord Inaccessible channels and categories are not hidden
d32128c5cd 2019-04-10 2019-06-19 Bug Closed Linux Can't input Korean text on Ripcord
f3757b0b1e 2019-04-10 2019-04-10 Feature Open General When a top-level sidebar item is expanded, have an option to collapse all other top-level sidebar items
fe66596779 2019-04-10 2020-09-30 Feature Closed General Gitter support
018a43e023 2019-04-10 2019-04-10 Feature Closed General Client: Version number in option menu
b18b8bd93e 2019-04-09 2019-07-04 Bug Closed Slack Not showing other users' full name when "Show Real Names" is set for a workspace
c64020294a 2019-04-09 2019-11-25 Feature Closed Slack Respect Slack's muted channels
602a33d692 2019-04-09 2019-04-20 Bug Closed General minimise and maximise buttons' icon not showing
355e226cff 2019-04-09 2019-04-13 Bug Closed General multi-line code blocks' first line gets deleted
21c283ec20 2019-04-09 2019-04-09 Feature Open Discord Image or text only in sidebar
6b873adefb 2019-04-09 2019-04-09 Feature Open Discord unread mentions indicator in sidebar
1f06b9ee08 2019-04-09 2019-04-09 Bug Open Discord Cannot delete pin notification in PMs
2eba301f4f 2019-04-09 2020-03-14 Bug Fixed Discord Can't rereact if you unreacted an existing reaction
190c62028f 2019-04-07 2020-05-04 Feature Deferred General Better auto-reconnect for Discord voice on unstable connections
52532ea3f3 2019-04-05 2019-04-05 Feature Closed General Display online users before offline users in channels
fadf9937d1 2019-04-03 2019-04-03 Bug Closed General Polar theme inverted
9e5f209eab 2019-04-02 2019-06-21 Feature Closed Windows Move 'Close' button to the complete top right, so I can close Ripcord when my cursor is at the most top-right pixel
4111938c90 2019-03-30 2020-02-18 Bug Closed Discord Nicknames and role colours don't show up for some users
08c2845d47 2019-03-24 2019-09-01 Feature Closed General Ctrl-Shift-Tab to re-open last opened tab, like a browser
beffdaca09 2019-03-22 2019-03-22 Feature Open General "Enter" key for the message edit tab (Discord)
a1132ff5f3 2019-03-20 2019-04-01 Bug Open Discord Discord: Typing notification appears for ignored users
c4f097a3cf 2019-03-15 2019-04-03 Feature Open Audio Push to talk release delay
8baccab4bc 2019-03-08 2019-03-11 Bug Closed General Occasional underrun / crackling with PulseAudio
663767ae43 2019-03-06 2019-04-03 Feature Deferred Discord Nicknames should be searchable in member lists, like usernames.
26ea1af29b 2019-03-06 2019-03-11 Feature Closed Discord Add ability to define a serve tab
9b451e2b12 2019-03-01 2020-02-18 Feature Closed Discord There should be a way to select text in the topic
eaf3b9360b 2019-02-27 2019-02-27 Bug Open Slack HTML entities show up in Slack server names
7606c5ca34 2019-02-21 2019-04-03 Feature Deferred Discord Option to hide [deleted] notifier when messages are deleted
355046eb9c 2019-02-21 2019-02-22 Feature Closed General Save State of collapsed DMs, Channels, etc across disconnects and reconnects
1a9c01b065 2019-02-21 2019-02-22 Feature Open General Allow for account/server reordering
969d189397 2019-02-19 2022-08-17 Feature Open General Input in Ctrl-K selection menu to filter channels based on if they have unread messages
bdbd5042c5 2019-02-17 2019-02-17 Feature Open General Call windows always on top
1ab7243548 2019-02-16 2022-09-12 Feature Open Discord Hide channels you don't have access to
de1d1b46a0 2019-02-13 2019-02-13 Feature Closed General Support for XP
61800bc3ae 2019-02-12 2019-02-13 Feature Open General Option to show notifications count in status bar
5df6d3f5fc 2019-02-12 2021-12-21 Bug Open General Grave/tilde key doesnt work for ptt
0aeffcfdac 2019-02-09 2019-02-11 Feature Open Discord Ability to add bookmark for voice channels
f9f7578702 2019-02-09 2019-02-11 Feature Closed Discord Add program/game detection
93576fcdb3 2019-02-08 2019-02-08 Feature Open General Change systray icon when there are unread PMs
08979fe3c9 2019-02-05 2020-12-09 Feature Open General OS Spellcheck integration
f749e20a50 2019-02-04 2022-09-29 Feature Open Discord View messages before edits
c6c3e79896 2019-02-03 2021-10-27 Feature Open Discord Mute servers and categories
ecd8f9d13c 2019-02-03 2021-06-22 Feature Open General Remember open/closed state of servers and categories between launches
a33aa1cf48 2019-01-30 2019-02-03 Feature Deferred Discord Option to show nicknames only
099a68df5b 2019-01-21 2019-01-23 Feature Closed Slack Hide deactivated accounts when using mentions
76434888d9 2019-01-19 2019-01-23 Bug Closed Discord Thumbnails are no longer retrieved for video uploads
3a580fd751 2019-01-17 2019-01-20 Feature Open Discord Display names along with count for group DMs
add82ae92d 2019-01-14 2019-01-19 Feature Open Discord User list to display currently played game
eeb7d0075e 2019-01-14 2020-12-31 Feature Closed General Multi-line Code Syntax Inidcation / Coloring
2572c3facf 2019-01-12 2019-01-12 Feature Closed General username and message on same line if avatar disabled
b3a839c978 2019-01-06 2019-01-07 Feature Closed General Add deafen feature/keybind
3ad09cf266 2019-01-01 2020-07-19 Feature Open General Other Languages Support
2c4e8ebcec 2018-12-31 2019-04-14 Feature Open Discord Auto-reconnect when connection is lost for long periods of time
cc58797cdd 2018-12-30 2019-09-01 Feature Open General Auto scroll to server when switching tabs.
d517e034d6 2018-12-27 2018-12-29 Feature Closed General Close to tray
5f04aadc65 2018-12-23 2018-12-29 Feature Closed General Groups "Grupping" and Images accompanying text
925c0dc77b 2018-12-22 2018-12-29 Feature Open Discord Mobile user indicators
0eafa893bd 2018-12-21 2018-12-23 Bug Open Discord Channel still visible after leaving server
0cc5b6b921 2018-12-05 2018-12-07 Feature Closed General /me doesn't work
c7e7ad84d7 2018-12-02 2018-12-07 Feature Open Discord Disable viewing of channels I do not have access to
98ddb1f124 2018-12-02 2021-03-06 Feature Deferred General Matrix support
ab0c87ffe4 2018-11-22 2018-11-22 Bug Open Discord Reactions on a post disappear when the post is edited
9cb83c1150 2018-11-20 2019-01-13 Bug Closed General Adding multiple emotes in reactions doesn't work
c987fdbcac 2018-11-20 2019-02-04 Bug Closed Slack Slack: Unable to login to workspace that uses external SSO
b4986ade33 2018-11-20 2018-11-20 Feature Closed General Allow better access to GUI layout and theme customization
46d41247db 2018-11-20 2018-11-21 Feature Open Discord Allow Grouping and Hiding servers
ce7c7bc9fc 2018-11-19 2018-11-19 Feature Closed General Add support for 3rd-party emotes
b646f98725 2018-11-19 2018-11-19 Feature Open Discord Character counter
879259bb4d 2018-11-19 2020-01-26 Feature Deferred Discord Allow Multiple Accounts at same time
9c62b9824a 2018-11-19 2019-01-20 Feature Deferred General Direct Image Copy-Paste
dd643cc89a 2018-11-19 2018-11-19 Feature Open Discord Ability to hide muted channels
4661d934c6 2018-11-10 2019-07-23 Feature Closed Slack @channel mentions for Slack
de1e08a3b8 2018-11-10 2019-06-19 Feature Closed Slack Search for messages in Slack
53bd897e0e 2018-11-10 2023-01-10 Feature Open Slack Add text selection
772e6353e2 2018-11-10 2019-01-14 Bug Closed Mac Closing the last window on macOS quits the entire application
000ab9a5b2 2018-11-10 2019-01-13 Bug Closed Mac Clicking a desktop notification on macOS doesn't open Ripcord when minimized
d2c1f64c90 2018-11-08 2018-11-08 Feature Closed General Add a setting to automatically connect all profiles upon starting up
067f8b04ae 2018-11-06 2019-01-13 Bug Closed Discord Support Notification Centre on macOS about messages received from Discord
1a6d34dccd 2018-11-06 2018-11-10 Bug Closed Slack No notifications on macOS about messages received from Slack
324c0841b6 2018-11-06 2019-01-07 Bug Closed Discord Nick change silently fails given a nick longer than 32 characters
3c245ca503 2018-11-05 2018-11-06 Feature Closed General A "notification" for server pings + 10 other requests
686fbf6a30 2018-11-05 2019-01-10 Bug Closed Discord DM group chats cannot be pinned to bookmarks
4f1349296a 2018-11-02 2019-05-02 Feature Open Linux Linux push to talk global hotkey
4602a95566 2018-10-23 2018-11-19 Feature Open Discord Extra warning for NSFW channels on Discord
56bbcd6c07 2018-10-18 2018-10-23 Bug Open Discord Discord emoji reactions are not sorted the same as the web client
75bcf987ab 2018-10-17 2018-10-18 Feature Closed General Add ability to use previous online/invisible status or set it before connecting
f2a0cce650 2018-10-17 2019-04-01 Feature Closed General Utilize the agnostic QPA Platform Theme of QT 5 to implement System Theme
666bf879f4 2018-10-07 2018-10-08 Feature Open Discord Add social links to profiles
4f65405b37 2018-10-07 2018-11-19 Bug Closed Windows Clipboard pastes from Edge are padded to the right a lot
9be8ff3b00 2018-10-07 2018-11-19 Bug Deferred General Clipboard uploads with 0kb are uploaded
8a901fc809 2018-10-07 2018-10-16 Feature Closed Slack Copy Slack attachment URL from context menu
8bb5105053 2018-10-03 2018-10-07 Feature Open Discord Unread channel counts for channel groups
daf63ec2be 2018-10-03 2020-07-26 Bug Fixed Windows Ripcord crashes silently on a Celeron processor
4177976c3b 2018-10-03 2018-11-19 Feature Open General style change for channels with open tabs
575ee68c71 2018-10-03 2018-11-01 Feature Closed General escape should exit preferences window
2d2f17a8b6 2018-10-03 2018-10-16 Feature Closed General Icon on scrollbar scroll-to-end button
63a1e88d14 2018-10-03 2018-10-03 Feature Open   Option to "Enable history in tabs" (enabled by default)
c3992e5d92 2018-10-03 2018-10-03 Feature Open   Option for MRU ctrl+tab order (disabled by default)
1086fa5d38 2018-10-03 2021-01-09 Feature Open General shortcuts to navigate up/down to channels with unread messages
083e79ee88 2018-10-02 2018-10-02 Feature Open Discord Support for slow mode
287f404bf6 2018-10-02 2018-10-16 Bug Closed Discord Channel names should accept Unicode characters
ac934101d1 2018-10-02 2018-11-13 Feature Open General FTP and Gopher links should be clickable
20b90ecdc4 2018-10-01 2018-10-01 Feature Open Audio Add an output volume slider and "mute other users" buttons
b9837033ed 2018-09-30 2019-01-24 Bug Closed Mac "Ripcord quit unexpectedly." on application quit (macOS)
526538f889 2018-09-29 2018-09-29 Feature Open   Hover state in channel list
2fa7ea5380 2018-09-28 2018-09-30 Feature Open Discord Add "Disconnect" button.
178626dd8b 2018-09-27 2018-09-28 Bug Open Discord Voice failes to properly show Disconnect
824b9b079f 2018-09-26 2021-01-09 Feature Open Discord Ability to select default presence status
e1a5d09c24 2018-09-25 2019-01-13 Bug Closed Discord Ripcord should not allow attempting multiple voice connections simultaneously
046737cd29 2018-09-24 2018-09-24 Bug Open Discord Multiple problems when an emote is overwritten with another one of the same name
e4e2980e50 2018-09-24 2018-09-24 Bug Open Discord Some fields are missing when displaying rich embeds
824d78528f 2018-09-24 2018-09-24 Bug Open Discord Embeds don't update if the link in the message is edited
2eb862c3d1 2018-09-23 2018-09-23 Bug Open Discord File uploads that are too large should not be attempted
67897f8d6c 2018-09-23 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to @mention an entire role at once
3180a61229 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to mention people in group DMs
38e1f20e74 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Open Linux Custom input methods don't recognise Ripcord's textboxes
d2dc78360c 2018-09-22 2019-06-19 Bug Closed Linux Text-only emoji turns the whole line blank under Arch
315ab983cb 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to see the filename of an embedded image
f3234d4e16 2018-09-22 2019-01-13 Feature Closed General Option to stay running in system tray when no windows are open (disabled by default)
4f630a04c9 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open General Option to run on system startup (disabled by default)
cf4dc452a5 2018-09-22 2019-03-06 Feature Closed General Auto-connect with a default account
0f674ae683 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Closed General Auto-connect with a default account
c16a75f15f 2018-09-22 2019-02-04 Feature Deferred General Scriptable accessibility mode for blind users
aa559231ab 2018-09-22 2021-12-05 Feature Open General Markdown bold/italic/strikeout/underline formatting
adde2c1296 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open General Notifications editor (like a table editor)
f276630ccf 2018-09-22 2021-06-04 Feature Fixed Discord Add voice call button to Discord group DMs
77cfe3fe66 2018-09-22 2020-03-14 Feature Open General Ability to disable emoji autocomplete popup
8b96569099 2018-09-22 2020-06-22 Feature Open Discord Use newer method of synchronizing user list in Discord
9cdf57f708 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to edit server/guild name and icon
c07fdefec2 2018-09-22 2019-06-25 Feature Open General Horizontal line to show where unread messages begin
268b8c1247 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open General One line per message (avatar and username on same line)
cbe8e19309 2018-09-22 2019-04-13 Bug Closed General Smarter disconnect handling
537e96acfb 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Closed Slack Slack thread support
d38ec9b16e 2018-09-22 2021-06-04 Feature Closed General Theme editor
e9a4a5aec1 2018-09-22 2020-05-22 Feature Open Linux Raspberry Pi/ARM builds
823d640e95 2018-09-22 2018-10-16 Feature Closed General Re-sizable status bar
d1e5305b71 2018-09-22 2019-09-01 Feature Deferred General Can't submit an edit by pressing enter without ctrl in message edit window
078909df27 2018-09-22 2020-01-19 Feature Open General Ability to scroll back to the first unread message in a channel via keyboard shortcut and/or button
1e5e62b083 2018-09-22 2019-09-15 Feature Open Discord Ability to disable/hide emoji completely
1809fbff79 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open General Client-side logging
3aec780bbf 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open General Explicit “session manager” where you can intentionally save/name sessions of windows and tabs
8bb1db529c 2018-09-22 2018-10-16 Feature Closed General Brighter and/or adjustable color timestamps
9f47560620 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Discord invites as CLI arguments
e1946e9c21 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Closed General Increase disk activity timeout
b7b6cbc934 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Merging of arrow and I-beam tools in Discord chat logs
aaae24e96f 2018-09-22 2020-06-21 Bug Closed Discord Failed file uploads to Discord have no click target and can't be canceled
ae2be3c215 2018-09-22 2020-06-21 Feature Closed Discord Removal of user profile popup
4266a747e4 2018-09-22 2019-01-23 Feature Closed Discord Media previews for MP4 uploads
f82f683153 2018-09-22 2021-06-03 Feature Fixed Discord Ability to bookmark Discord group DMs
ea4464aa36 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to send Discord friend requests by user ID
ee891dbd2f 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to send text and upload a file in the same message
4210b154ac 2018-09-22 2022-07-20 Feature Open Discord Discord message search
3c70bf9aef 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Clickable hyperlinks inside rich embeds
49d17a160b 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Highlighted mentions (color, background, etc.)
106083fe5b 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Open Discord Ability to disable showing role colors
0e42cd58a9 2018-09-22 2019-08-04 Bug Closed Discord Multi-line code blocks won’t show the syntax language as text, even when it’s not part of a known programming languages list
2e948cc85d 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Feature Deferred General IRC support
f79da58b10 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Closed Discord No backtick/backslash escaping in code blocks
442f2eb60b 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Open Discord Unread badges on text channels show “1” upon connecting, even if there is more than 1 unread message
cf36590372 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Open Discord Messages from users which become banned by Discord are not automatically deleted/hidden
d47601cdf5 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Open Discord Messages with lots of emoji reactions will not wrap the reactions to the next line
9990e215f0 2018-09-22 2019-04-20 Bug Deferred Windows If you use WASAPI and sleep your PC while still in a voice call, Ripcord may crash
0dda493523 2018-09-22 2019-08-10 Bug Closed Windows Qt network operation stalls Ripcord for long time periods
ce77725f4f 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Open Discord User lists and message history might be incomplete after disconnecting and reconnecting after a long period (sleeping computer, etc.)
ec1816064f 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Open Discord Sent messages that get dropped by the server will require you to right click on them to delete or resend them
3fb8e61f06 2018-09-22 2021-05-30 Feature Closed General Better scrollbars
4603f38297 2018-09-22 2018-09-24 Feature Closed Discord Pinned Messages dropdown should open scrolled to the bottom (newest message displayed first)
2c40eacb91 2018-09-22 2018-09-23 Bug Open Audio Ripcord will never adjust the timing of audio if there’s never a gap in the audio/broadcast/speaking