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Changes to "Changelog" between 2018-11-01 20:57:15 and 2018-12-05 15:50:06

            1  +Ripcord version 0.3.7 (2018-12-6)
            2  +---------------------------------
            3  +* Fixed incorrect highlighting in notifications view after clearing a subset of (but not all) notifications
            4  +* Discord: added ack-token passing to message read acks system
            5  +* Discord: disabled fetching members list for servers with > 4000 users
            6  +* Discord: disabled ability to send messages in channels with per-user rate limiting (unless you're a moderator) until this feature is fully implemented in Ripcord
            7  +* Discord: changed nonce generation for sent messages to be based on current timestamp instead of sequential IDs counting from 1
            8  +* Discord: increased delay between disconnecting and attempting to reconnect (half second -> 5 seconds for first attempt, then 5 seconds -> 15 seconds thereafter)
            9  +* Note: the changes above to are intended to reduce the likelihood of a Discord user account being flagged as spam by an automated system, and some are only meant as temporary safeguards until I'm able to resume spending more time developing the Discord subsystem in Ripcord
           10  +* Discord: the nick change dialog no longer lets you enter more than 32 characters (the maximum)
           11  +* Slack: added OS notification popups for notifications (if enabled in preferences)
           12  +
     1     13   Ripcord version 0.3.6 (2018-11-1)
     2     14   ---------------------------------
     3     15   * The preferences window can now be closed by pressing escape
     4     16   * Reduced memory overhead when viewing large lists of graphical Unicode emoji
     5     17   * Slack: added 'total unread channels' count badges for regular and DM channel sections
     6     18   * Slack: added error reporting to the selection list popups from message action buttons and dialogs when the bot/app that generates the selection list returns malformed/broken/empty data
     7     19   * Slack: added ability for workspace admins to delete the messages of other users