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Ticket UUID: 98ddb1f1244f1987a9d82ea2f0840fdbe4b77293
Title: Matrix support
Status: Deferred Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Minor Priority: Low
Subsystem: General Resolution: Open
Last Modified: 2018-12-07 15:48:34
Version Found In: 0.36
User Comments:
GreenReaper added on 2018-12-02 00:00:04:

Support for Matrix group chat would be nice. There are already a few native clients, of course, including QT5-based clients, but given the limitations of my netbook I'd rather run as few programs as possible. libqmatrixclient is commonly used and is available under the LGPL.

cancel added on 2018-12-07 15:48:34:
I want to add it, but Matrix has some protocol issues right now, and I'd rather wait for them to get it sorted about before I implement it. But I'm not against the idea at all.