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Ticket UUID: eae023902f10de914b6dc1a423ec41a1043c3c40
Title: Discord DMs´positions doesn´t update correctly (in GUI)
Status: Open Type: Bug
Severity: Minor Priority: Low
Subsystem: Discord Resolution: Open
Last Modified: 2019-10-02 21:02:40
Version Found In: 0.4.17
cancel2019-09-09 02:05:38

Which service?

AndroidC512L2019-09-09 10:38:26


cancel2019-09-09 11:17:09

Ripcord sorts the DMs according to what the server says it should. Which is that the most recent DMs are at the top. Sometimes it takes longer to receive the updates from the serve about what to do. I could make RIpcord do it more aggressively locally but it doesn't seem like a big deal. The most recent DMs are usually near the top or just a few spots away from the top.

AndroidC512L2019-09-09 12:27:21

it seens to be really slow updating it, at least for me (i even needed to restart ripcord to see them updated), specially annoying when creating a new MD group because it is put in the end of the md list. it would be nice to at least when creating groups they were put directly on top without being requested by server

cancel2019-09-10 02:05:09

Ok, I think I can add that.

AndroidC512L2019-09-28 00:56:28

I reopened and edited the ticket because after testing a little i found that its more like a bug. Ripcord seens to update the DMs list fine (internally) but looks like it doesn´t update it correctly in the GUI until the main window is closed and reopened from system tray.

cancel2019-10-02 21:02:40

Yeah, something fishy is going on.