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Ticket UUID: 71f8ccfa7bc78f08b48eed49c0b96fa46149469f
Title: More builds or source code release
Status: Closed Type: Feature_Request
Severity: Minor Priority: Low
Subsystem: General Resolution: Rejected
Last Modified: 2020-05-07 07:44:46
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kfarwell2020-05-07 04:31:29

I would be interested in FreeBSD and OpenBSD builds in particular. There is no Electron on these platforms and Ripcord appears to be the only alternative Discord client that supports voice calls. For me personally, this is the last thing preventing me from ditching Linux on my workstations. So BSD builds would be greatly appreciated.

I see others have requested i386 and ARM builds and I recognize it's not easy to support so many different build targets. BSD is especially poorly supported by CI systems (Jenkins, Cirrus, and GitLab Runners are options). So a good (preferable even for other reasons) alternative would be to just release Ripcord's source code (at least without the paid Slack bits) so people can build it themselves.

cancel2020-05-07 07:44:46

The BSDs do not provide ABI stability or compatibility. I'm not going to give away the source code for free. I would have to give up on the project after doing so, since I wouldn't have time to work on it, having to work on other stuff to support myself and my dependents. If you want to use commercial software, use a different OS, or use WINE or some Linux compatibility layer to run Ripcord on your computer.