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Feature Discord Slack Notes
Login via email, password, and 2FA Never OK
Login via browser import (incl. SSO) OK OK
Save multiple accounts OK OK
Simultaneous online accounts Limit 1 No limit Discord is limited to 1 simultaneous online account to prevent triggering automated anti-spam systems
Unicode graphical emoji OK OK
Custom graphical emoji OK OK
Image thumbnails and preview OK OK
Animated emoji Never Never
Animated images and videos Never Never
Voice chat and calls OK Planned
Video calls and screen sharing Unlikely Unlikely Supporting video calls requires using codecs which dramatically increase bloat and attack surface
User nicknames OK OK
User/custom status emoji Planned OK
@username tab completion OK OK
#channel tab completion Planned OK
Emoji tab completion OK OK
View pinned messages OK OK
View list of past @mentions OK OK
Pin/unpin messages OK OK
Direct messages OK OK
Group DMs OK OK
Public/private channels and permissions OK OK
Search messages Planned Partial
Connection proxying OK OK SOCKS5 and HTTP (CONNECT). Experimental but seems ok. HTTP (CONNECT) can't work with voice chat.
Friends list OK N/A
Block users OK N/A
Ignore users without blocking them OK Planned
Notifications OK OK Slack notifications mostly OK, but still needs some work.
Emoji reactions OK OK
Scroll infinitely through chat history OK OK
Skip to arbitrary point in chat history Planned Soon
@channel, @here, and @everyone Planned OK
@role or @subteam Planned Planned
List users in server/workspace Partial OK
List users in specific channel Planned OK
Search and filter users Partial OK
Upload files OK OK
List and search uploaded files N/A OK
View moderator audit log OK N/A
View and edit roles/substeams OK Planned
Enterprise grid workspaces N/A OK Still might have a few missing things. Please report any problems you have, as I cannot easily test this myself.
Linked/shared channels N/A OK
Set idle/away presence/status OK Planned
View user presence/status OK OK
Automatically set playing game Never N/A
In-game overlay injection Never N/A
Full-size image viewer window Planned Planned
View user avatars OK OK
Set own avatar Never Planned Will not implement for Discord, as it may require elevated authentication challenge, requiring a full web browser
Set own name Never Planned Will not implement for Discord, as it may require elevated authentication challenge, requiring a full web browser
Set own nickname OK Planned
Edit messages OK OK
Delete messages OK OK
Share messages to other channels N/A Partial
View shared messages N/A OK
Bot attachment UIs (buttons, lists, etc.) Planned OK
Bot popup dialog UIs (buttons, lists, etc.) N/A OK
Bot "blocks" layouts and UIs N/A OK
Clickable links OK OK
Markdown code blocks OK OK
Embedded URL previews Partial OK
Pseudo-Markdown *emphasis*, etc. Planned Planned
Pseudo-Markdown > quoting Planned Planned
Spoiler "tags" Unlikely N/A This feature is buggy in Discord. I do not want to replicate the behavior the Discord web client has.
Spoiler images Planned N/A
Unread message counters OK OK
Unread message marker line Planned Planned
Custom notification rules/triggers Planned Planned
"User is typing" indicators OK Planned
Send (or not send) own typing status OK Planned
Kick and ban users OK N/A
Auto-connect on launch OK OK
Reconnect after connection failure Partial OK The Discord support for auto-reconnect is more conservative in order to prevent triggering anti-spam systems
Threads Planned OK
Threaded replies OK N/A
Channel categories OK N/A
Bookmark channels OK OK
Bookmark DMs OK OK
Bookmark Group DMs OK OK
Reorder servers list OK N/A
Reorder accounts list Planned Planned
Middle-mouse-button auto-scrolling OK OK
"Go to" quick switcher OK OK
Join and leave channels N/A OK
Open and close DMs OK OK
Slash commands Planned Partial Slack slash commands partially work, but the UI will not offer any feedback while you are typing them
"Only visible to you" bot messages N/A OK
Ignored and muted channels Partial Partial
Stickers Planned N/A