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Ticket: 4ab7665e77fbc14ca14392a52bad54bcb042c315
ctrl+G should not take over current tab
User & Date: mgambrell 2020-03-19 08:04:08

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    Ctrl+G taking over the current tab is not what I expect. If I don't want it to take over the current tab, then I would have to open a new tab first, but a new tab is not scoped to a service, so Ctrl+G won't be available in it.

    I know I can navigate backwards in the tab to get back to the view that I was already in. Now, that I'm thinking it through thoroughly. But when normally using ripcord, I am never back-navigating. So from my point of view, Ctrl+G erases the view that I'm in, so that I have to go recover it by navigating through the tree view.

    Note, I can open new tabs by middle clicking but there is no way to get to a friends list without picking something in the discord universe arbitrarily, and then letting it take over that window. It's awkward.

    Analogs to this situation:

    * firefox's ctrl+shift+A to open a new tab at addons manager

    * chrome's ctrl+shift+del to open a new tab at settings and pop open Clear browsing data

    * several more in chrome (help menu stuff, although note, in this case it's a bit odd as it takes over any existing settings tab)

    I couldn't find an outright counterexample to my proposition.

    I believe ctrl+g and ctrl+@ (as well as the menu options) should open new tabs.

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