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Ticket: 4b5905b54062e7287249c2a9e9b7c30d0a7a389f
Opening new DM sessions is confusing in some cases
User & Date: mgambrell 2020-03-19 07:36:28

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    When opening a DM session with a user from the friends list -or- a from rightclicking their name in a channel, it seemingly does not work the first time. But does on the 2nd. This has just seemed like a bug for a while, but I finally understood why: it's because opening a DM first just adds it to the DM list, if it isn't already there. This happens with no feedback. On the 2nd attempt (or rather, any attempt where the DM is already open in ), it does zip to the new DM window. This doesn't make sense to me. I can't believe it's on purpose--it seems relatively unlikely anyone would "open a DM" without being ready to use it immediately.

    I feel that opening a new DM session should (that is, adding to the DMs list) should automatically zip to a new DM window for that user.

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