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Bookmarking Entire Servers.
User & Date: cancel 2020-07-12 00:35:49

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    Similar to [46d41247db](/tktview?name=46d41247db)

    There are serious problems that arise if you can bookmark an entire Discord server/guild. One is that it creates a lot of items in the sidebar without much effort from the user. If you bookmarked 50 servers each a couple of times, and they were large servers, you could end up with hundreds of thousands or millions of items in the sidebar (especially if it's a server with a lot of active voice channels.) Technically, the Ripcord sidebar supports 2^31 (about 2 billion) items in the sidebar without issues, but the RAM consumption and idle CPU usage (due to having to update stuff for listing/tracking users in voice channels) starts to become a problem, especially if you also open multiple windows. It also becomes difficult to scroll, if you expand everything.

    It's the user's responsibility to not intentionally get themselves into a situation where they've configured their software to behave badly. But allowing easy bookmarking of entire servers/guilds is somewhat of a silent foot-gun.

    You could add additional rules like "OK, you can only bookmark a server once" but now you have to explain these rules somewhere and add special-cased rules for the UI elements and stuff. Maybe it's worth it, maybe not. And some people would then ask to remove the limit of only bookmarking once.

    So: I don't really have an answer right now. Still thinking about it. Maybe you could bookmark a placeholder shortcut to a server/guild, but not expand it in the bookmark list? Hmm.

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