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Artifact ID: 4a1d5abaf23409e89c5e0bbe1d6ff26eede900e2
Ticket: 4781f4c81330b969a4f5cd00efe236cab7a0e610
Aborts on startup on Debian due to some OpenSSL problem
User & Date: rw1 2020-07-14 12:12:10

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    As documented at, Ripcord does not start up on current Debian systems. Apparently, multiple users experienced this bug already. I describe the symptoms in the following so that others can associate the symptoms with the root cause. When starting the current AppImage on Debian (testing), a window appears but closes immediately. Terminal output is the following:

    raphael@home:~/Downloads$ ./Ripcord-0.4.26-x86_64.AppImage QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_set_alpn_protos QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_CTX_set_alpn_select_cb QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSL_get0_alpn_selected Auto configuration failed 140072629958400:error:25066067:DSO support routines:DLFCN_LOAD:could not load the shared library:dso_dlfcn.c:185:filename( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 140072629958400:error:25070067:DSO support routines:DSO_load:could not load the shared library:dso_lib.c:244: 140072629958400:error:0E07506E:configuration file routines:MODULE_LOAD_DSO:error loading dso:conf_mod.c:285:module=ssl_conf, path=ssl_conf 140072629958400:error:0E076071:configuration file routines:MODULE_RUN:unknown module name:conf_mod.c:222:module=ssl_conf QMutex: destroying locked mutex QObject::~QObject: Timers cannot be stopped from another thread

    The workaround suggested by is to start the application with an environment variable set:

    `OPENSSL_CONF="" ./Ripcord.AppImage `

    It seems that the developer does not believe this to be an issue with the software but with the operating system. I would disagree. From the perspective of an end user, it is Ripcord that is not working. I would appreciate if Ripcord would automatically recover from a missing/problematic library instead of failing (almost) silently. This is especially bad because for these users, the first - and probably only - experience is that Ripcord does not work at all.

    If the developer believes that it is not reasonably possible to fix this bug, I would strongly suggest improving documentation and error messages. A warning on the download page and/or an error message if startup fails would be very helpful.

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    Bug or missing documentation / AppImage does not start because of missing

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