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Artifact ID: 271c6fa8ecca93c72b62ef440d064c58a5d8eec8
Ticket: 2018daf5cddd7e62f031f84ef3f34aeb34fba894
Dosen't open
User & Date: Dickface1738 2020-03-18 04:28:55

  1. Change foundin to "0.4.24 appimage"
  2. Change icomment to:

    # Top Level Heading

    'Wont open at all it just opens for a brief moment and then closes on its own'

  3. Change login to "Dickface1738"
  4. Change mimetype to "text/markdown"
  5. Change private_contact to "fec48a16fb1fe04fa3a0cb0a414df10a5440bb43"
  6. Change status to "Open"
  7. Change subsystem to "Linux"
  8. Change title to "Dosen't open"
  9. Change type to "Bug"