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Artifact ID: 18a7d9726b74d979fd3886c07b01c142596199f3
Ticket: 4a386efa20bd071db4c7596d8aa4db9a1be8d822
Special Request
User & Date: lopau1337 2020-03-27 05:16:46

  1. Change foundin to "Ripcord_Win_0.4.24"
  2. Change icomment to:

    I want a .dll audio file where there's 50 db instead of the initial 24.

    Why ?:

    I use ripcord as preamps except that since I changed the mic it's not like before and the other applications are over-saturating the sound, you'll just have to change the value from 24 to 50 and send me the file please it's not a big deal for you but for me it is.

    I can pay, but I only have $5.

  3. Change login to "lopau1337"
  4. Change mimetype to "text/markdown"
  5. Change private_contact to "3ccaa21a7b776708384b2acb0b5b3c03c4aa6bdd"
  6. Change status to "Open"
  7. Change subsystem to "Audio"
  8. Change title to "Special Request"
  9. Change type to "Feature_Request"